Block Project Coordinator Recruitment 2021

Government of Odisha through its third party service provider is going to declare about Block Project Coordinator Recruitment 2021.

Government of Odisha is now ready to recruit more man forces to accomplish its so many pending works as there are shortage of employees. So through third party organization government is going to recruit Block Project Coordinator BPC where ever is required out of 314 blocks. So the candidates who wants to work in block level as well as interested in contractual job posting and fulfil all eligibility criteria they can apply for the same as its a target oriented job.

Duty of A BPC (Block Project Coordinator Recruitment 2021)

A Block Project Coordinator is required to handled the Centre and State Governments flagship program Rural Housing Program. You are also familiar with this word like “Indira Awaas Yojana” IAY now has been changed to “Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana” PMAY and state governments “Mo Kudia” and “Biju Pakkaghar Yojana” BPGY Schemes. A Block Project Coordinator BPC have to monitor the work of like people who were selected to get the house through different schemes have their work order or not, have they received their timely payment or not, have they completed their house in time or not. if a beneficiary is not making his/her house then its the duty of BPC is to find out what is the problem of that beneficiary which leads to not complete the house. 


IN other hand government also engaging them in other developmental works also, except housing scheme they are also engaged in different schemes of government. Before we are going to discuss about that we should discuss here what the actual job of their is? Here are some important points to discuss: they are..

1.Receive Complaints or Grievances about houses

2.Grievances from people through MLAs

3.Grievances Received through Block Complaint Box

4.Grievances of People through MPs

5.Grievances submitted by the people to BDO

6.Timely Payment to Beneficiaries who built their Houses

7.Monitor their housing progress

8. Others works of Block

1.Receive Complaints or Grievances about Houses

A BPC or Block Project Coordinator is appointed in every block to monitor or manage the Governments most important Flagship Schemes like Rural Housing Schemes. So for example if you are an inquiry officer and you have gone to a village to do an inquiry about a person that has he/she got either IAY or PMAY or BPGY or Mo Kudia, they will definitely say no that they still have not avail the scheme until you have no information about their eligibility. So in rural areas everyone were eagerly waiting to get a benefit through housing schemes either by the state government or central government whether they have availed it before, they will represent themselves as they are the only one poor family who were left out to be included in a housing scheme. So the point is after receiving complaint or grievances from the people its the duty of the BPC to counter that is that person availed the scheme earlier or not. They he/she will receive the application from people and proceed for next process of the application.

2.Grievances of People through MLAs & MPs

People who were harassed again and again by the BPC or any government officers who don’t make him eligible to get a house through housing schemes then they go to their respective political leaders to communicate about the matter and to convince their leader that they are the only poor remained in this earth. So the BPC have to receive the grievances came from any political leader or heavyweight netas to inquiry into the matter whether the person is eligible for the scheme or not.

3.Grievances received through Block Complaint Box

People who were not finding any means or way to contact to the government to get a house under housing schemes they can give their application through complaint box established at every Block Office. Then the BPC have to short the application GP Wise and proceed on it for further action.

4.Grievances submitted by the People through BDO

People who directly met Block Development Officers regarding their eligibility to get a house under housing schemes but didn’t able to get . The BDO will receive the the application then put it on BPC to monitor.

To be continued…