Current Affairs GK Quiz Of 9 June 2021

Namaskar Friends, in this current affairs article we are going to discuss about top and important current affairs GK quiz of 9 June 2021.

As all you know that Current Affairs GK plays a vital role in every competitive exams. If you see you will find that all competitive exams added current affairs part in their syllabus. Previously most of the aspirants neglects current affairs portion as it is very monotonous to remember but now it is very important and basic need of a aspirant to know current affairs to crack a exam because almost five to fifteen questions are appearing in the exam. In this article we are going to discuss Current Affairs GK Quiz of 9 June 2021.

Q1. Who is the current Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

  1. A.Naveen Patnaik
  2. B.N Biren Singh
  3. C.Ashok Gehlot
  4. D.Yogi Adityanath

Answer: C: Ashok Gehlot is the current Chief Minister of Rajasthan State. Rajasthan State is in current news because the CM of Rajasthan has launched a Free coaching scheme named “Chief Minister Anuprati Scheme” to help underprivileged students to prepare for competitive, civil services, entrance exams as well as professional courses.

Q2.Uttar Pradesh Government has set how many sapling plantation target?

  1. A.300 million
  2. B.400 million
  3. C.200 million
  4. D.100 million

Answer: A: The CM of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityaanth have announced that the UP Government will plant 300 million saplings in the state. And also the state will celebrate Van Mahotsav programme in the first week of July 2021.

Q3.Operation BlueStar is related to which of the following Prime Minister?

  1. .Manmohan Singh
  2. .Narendra Modi
  3. .Atal Bihari Bajpayee
  4. .Indira Gandhi

Answer: D: Operation Bluestar is related to the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. This decision of India Gandhi was taken to wash out sikh militants in Amritsar, Punjab.

Q4.Abhishek Banerjee is related to which of the following Political Party?

  1. TMC
  2. RJD
  3. BJP
  4. AAP

Answer: A:  Abhishek Banerjee who is the Mamata Banerjee appointed as the Trinamool Congress Party’s all India General Secretary.