Why Current Affairs is Important

Hello Friends, Welcome to StudyHard Odia portal. Here we are going to discuss about why current affairs is important for competitive exams.

Exam Now-a-Days

Now-a-days in each and every types of competitive exams you will find current affairs section. At least five questions must have appeared in every exam. Generally current affairs question mainly appears in general awareness category.

Why Current Affairs is Important

A lots of students ask about it that Why Current Affairs is Important? The answer is very simple. Mostly you all know that some years before current affairs questions only appeared in civil service exams as they want to test the knowledge of aspirants that the how the person is acquainted with current situation and how will he or she manage it by following the old incidents.

But currently each and every job is challenging as it also needs a well versed person to be appointed to work and to manage the office by balancing politically as well as officially. So its very important for all to know what is happening in our day to day life.

What is Current Affairs Questions

Current Affairs questions means what is happening in our nearby like in our Town, City , State, Country and in International Level. Like which company appointed whom as its CEO, which state elected whom as their CM and likewise. This also discuss about economics like inflation, decision of RBI in monetary policy meetings, CRR, Repo Rate, NPA etc. This division also covers all types of elections in the state, centre and in international level. It also covers obituaries of famous personalities of state, centre and in international level.

How many questions

At first there was no such importance to study current affairs except who were preparing for civil services examinations. But now its totally important for every competitive exam aspirants. Like if you are preparing for SSC CGL CHSL CPO RAILWAY NTPC BANKING IBPS IAS ASO OAS and all types of exams have question of current affairs to test your knowledge in current situations. Its also keeps updated you about the system.

Sources of Current Affairs

There are lot of sources to read current affairs. You can find Daily Current Affairs news at no cost. So many Applications, Websites and YouTube Channels are providing it totally free of cost. Its very difficult to remember all current affairs questions in one day so if you read it on daily basis then it will lead to a very good results.


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